About Fresh Eats Radio

Fresh Eats Radio is a sisterhood into this journey of health, that includes real life pitfalls. This exclusive podcast just for females covers the challenges of being healthy. Whether it’s dealing with picky eaters, cravings, emotional eating, body confidence, finding the time, or navigating self-sabotage.

Heather Rampolla interviews today’s most knowledgeable & fascinating ladies in the health & wellness industry. Sure, there are cabinets full of recipes within these episodes, but food is only part of the topic. We tend to dive much deeper into the intricacies of our deeper desires for life, and why we want to be healthy in the first place.

Fresh Eats Radio has been featured on the front page of New & Noteworthy under the Main Page as well as the following categories 1.) Health, 2.) Fitness & Nutrition, and 3.) Family

About The Host

Heather Rampolla is a women’s coach + host of the popular podcast Fresh Eats Radio. As an author, podcaster, speaker, and coach, she teaches women that it’s safe to listen to your deepest cravings because doing so opens the door to feeling light, free, and fully alive.

She’s author of  30 Juice Recipes To Feel Healthy Happy + Hot

And she’s been featured in Mind Body Green, Organic Eats Magazine, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Revolution, Sweetwater Organic Farm, Studio 10, and more.

Heather’s also been featured on the following Podcasts:

To learn more about Heather, click here.

How To Listen To The Show

The episodes of Fresh Eats Radio are recorded, so you can listen to them at any time. Here’s how!

1.) On this Website

Use your computer to listen to all recorded podcasts. Go to the “Podcasts” page of the website and click on the episode you want to hear. When you see the podcast player, click the play button under the words “Listen Now!”

2.) Download the audio file

You can also download podcasts to listen to them on your own schedule. With your cursor over the green “Listen Now! (Right-click to download)” link, press the right-hand mouse button and select “save link as.” Then save the mp3 file on your computer or portable device.

3.) Listen on iTunes

iTunes automatically delivers the episodes to your computer or iPhone. Click here to open in iTunes and then click on the “Subscribe” icon in iTunes, and the podcasts will be sent to you as soon as they’re available.

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