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Episode 6- Aimee DuFresne – When it gets tough, find your JOY

I feel such a tug of the heart to Aimee’s story of love– because I too am crazy in love with my husband. In fact her book had me bawling as it struck too close to my fears. Here she shares her journey of turning 30, being in the darkness of losing her father and her husband (the love of her life). Aimee and I talk openly about what it looks like to find joy again, how eating fresh foods helped bring her back to falling in love again.

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Show Notes:

  • What drove Aimee to trade in her McDonald’s fries for fresh veggies
  • Her journey around the world to become a highly trained raw food chef- to now realize she prefers to keep things super simple with eating healthy.
  • Handling the frustration of feeling like the “Universe” has made a mistake in it’s plans for you
  • From worrywart & people pleaser to radical joy and freedom
  • The truth to finding love again after tragedy… it’s not what you think & surprisingly simple
  • Get “under the covers” to her new love and joy of a husband.

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