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Ep 69 – Alexia Leachman – Head Trash & Our Relationship To Food

In today’s interview, Alexia Leachman, shares with us how you can simply overcome the blocks that hold you back in your health and healthy eating goals.  This is a must listen to episode, as Alexia explains how PAIN we experience in our body is related to our FEARS. I know it might sound CRAZY but she also shares with how she used these practices to birth two children painlessly. Plus she also breaks down how our addictions and cravings can be pinpointed to a memory we’ve forgotten about in childhood.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 69 – Alexia Leachman – Head Trash & Our Relationship To Food

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Show Notes:

  • Examples of Head Trash that runs rampant in our minds
  • Major ways that Head Trash holds us back in life
  • Specific Head Trash blocks that hold us back from eating healthy
  • The #1 block we experience as ladies
  • How to become aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • What simple technique you can do to experience immediate and simple relief and clear up some head space and remove the pain
  • Listen to Alexia’s practice to experiencing pain free labor… yes she means childbirth!
  • Discover how much mindset affects our relationship with food


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