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Episode 7 – Amy Wright – Frazzled to Dazzled

Get ready to laugh in this episode with Amy Wright. She’s a regular mom & CEO who helps other ladies balance it all. Discover her secrets and systems to go from frazzled to dazzled in the kitchen, home, and really ALL areas that you manage.

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Show Notes:

  • Handling being a Busy Mom & CEO & how she squeezes every ounce of energy to use for the day.
  • Her journey from a corn & potatoes veggie eater to a spinach ambassador.
  • Her secret systems to balancing life as mom, wife, and business owner… and they’re brilliant!
  • She reveals the “Time Sucks” that piss your life away.
  • Amy confesses that she passionately HATES being in the kitchen & shares her system to make it super simple.
  • Her pet peeve when serving family dinners & dealing with her picky eaters.
  • Her story as reformed clutter bug & what one room in the house she’s NOT organized.

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