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Ep 18 – Annalicia Lynn – Finding True Beauty & Power

If you ever feel like you get in your own way, you’ll love this episode with Yoga & Pilates entrepreneur, Annalicia. She will help you discover your true power. Learn about her digital studio that gives you the comfort & security to step into your true power & authentic beauty. We talk about the illusions of fear and the truth that you can become flexible & strong… in body and mind.

Episode 18 – Annalicia Lynn – Finding True Beauty & Power

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Show Notes:

  • We discuss the topic of does beauty & fitness require pain?
  • How she reclaimed her power & control over her body
  • Baby step shifts to happiness & love
  • How to do the internal workout to achieve both fitness & happiness
  • Listen to her story from agape land as a child to grief
  • How to gain back control when life around you feels out of control
  • Feeling guilty for the good things happening in your life
  • Creating external rules around food to feel safe vs. intuitive eating
  • Bringing in more pleasure into your workout
  • What to do when you have a fear of looking silly when working out
  • Hear about MY really weird phobia about working out and what Annalicia recommends


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The more I tried to control my food… the less happy I was. #TruthBeautyPeace 

You don’t do yoga because you’re flexible… you do yoga so you can become flexible. #TruthBeautyPeace


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