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Ashley Srokosz – No B.S. Tips To Healthy Eating with a Toddler

The energetic, and slightly irreverent Ashley Srokosz dishes out her no B.S. tips to fit in healthy eating in her imperfect but realistic role as mom, wife, and biz owner. We talk about life dealing with a picky eating toddler (& yes husband too…sshhh) while balancing it all.

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Show Notes:

  • Her neurotic pet peeves in keeping the kitchen clean with a family.  
  • How Ashley manages a business, and making homemade meals even with a toddler at home.
  • The way she balances technology so the family truly has time together at dinner
  • We talk about rebranding her business & getting naked in front of 100’s of ladies
  • Her irreverent desire as a healthy mompreneur
  • Listen to her unashamed,  no B.S. tips to realistically dealing with eating healthy in the home
  • Speaking of irreverent, somehow we end up talking about poop… of course!
  • Which foods we can eat to support
  • Why sometimes you just need to go through the damn drive-thru
  • The ONE way to being healthy… is it Paleo, Vegan, Raw?
  • Ashley’s #1 way to staying healthy but that she forgets to do sometimes.
  • Her approach to meal planning that’s real world



Ashley’s Links:
Facebook Page
Twitter Link

Pantry Party Report
Recipe & Quick/Simple Tip For Healthy Dinner

Book’s We Mention:
Joyous Health: Eat And Live Well Without Dieting
Healthy Slow Cooker



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  1. Mariah
    July 29, 2014

    Heather and Ashley,

    LOVE both of you! This is going to be a great podcast, can’t wait to listen (when my kids go to bed!)

    • Heather Rampolla
      July 29, 2014

      Thanks Mariah! It’s a great interview chock-full of great resources and real advice for moms.


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