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Bailey Frumen – Trading In Stress & Overwhelm for A Life On Your Terms

Bailey comes to us with her psychotherapist background to letting go of stress and adding in more pleasure to our busy life. This interview is packed FULL of great advice on healthy living. From traveling, creating a biz you love, to creating daily rituals.  And from talking to Bailey, I discover that somehow I completely missed the era of TV character Slim Good Body as a kid. Definitely worth listening to all the way to the end just for this story.


Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 51 – Bailey Frumen – Trading In Stress & Overwhelm for A Life On Your Terms

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to her difficult journey to becoming pregnant that took 3 Men, & A Shaman.
  • Find out how to actually get what you desire in life including health, business, and travel
  • How to slow down and de-stress
  • Marrying your passion for travel & helping people in a virtual business
  • Using Masculinity vs. Femininity when making plans & developing creativity
  • Ambitious women… is it always a good trait?
  • Why we tend to deny ourselves pleasure as women
  • Bailey’s best tips to gaining more productivity
  • Developing morning and evening rituals


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