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Ep 43 – Becca Piastrelli – The Dabblist – Letting Go of Shame & Embracing Sisterhood

In this episode, Becca and I discuss the journey from the corporate world, to experimenting with more play. As two ambitious creatives, we hit it off like fast sisters. We talk about changing the story from “shame” to granting permission around the desire to dabble into multiple passions. In fact she thinks it’s necessary for us ladies to dabble into creative play. Plus we talk about how you can actually enjoy the Holiday Season versus wanting to just skip to the New Year. I am officially in love with Becca and feel such a wave of both peace and excitement since chatting with her… and I know that you will too!

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 43 – Becca Piastrelli – The Dabblist – Letting Go of Shame & Embracing Sisterhood

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Show Notes:

  • What is a dabblist and is it really okay to have multiple passions?
  • Listening to the little girl inside us all
  • How to discover true & safe sisterhood when you’ve been burned before
  • Find out how to let go of perfectionism during the Holidays
  • How dabbling can serve you this gift giving season
  • Letting go of labels that no longer serve you
  • Last minute Thanksgiving Table Setting idea
  • How to create & give gifts with soul this year
  • Discover how to actually enjoy the Holiday Season


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Link’s We Mention: 

BOOK: Daring Greatly

BOOK: Woman Code

“A Handmade Holiday” Offering

RECIPE: Walnut Lentil Soup Recipe



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