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Ep 103 – Caroline Dooner – The FU@K It Diet + Fear of Being Fat

Sweet love of God! This interview with Caroline Dooner, writer/actress + creator of the “The FU@K It Diet” is eye opening to our fear of being fat. I love how she calls us out on the false virtuousness of being “Healthy”. Not only do I find it therapeutic to say her title multiple times in the show BUT also adore her truly inspirational approach to this spiritual journey to health + letting go of body shame.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 103 – Caroline Dooner – The FU@K It Diet + Fear of Being Fat

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Show Notes:

  • Why your worth has nothing to do with your weight
  • Listen to why fat shaming is the last “permissible” prejudice
  • Discover how to use creativity to bring yourself back to health + balance your weight
  • Reclaiming spirituality in our cravings… and why you shouldn’t try to kill those cravings
  • How your metabolism can improve from eating what you want
  • On getting comfortable being seen naked in front of your partner
  • Letting go of body shame

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