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Episode 114 – Carrie Keplinger – Foraging – Like A Walking Meditation

in this interview with Carrie Keplinger, we talk about her story of how being diagnosed with Celiac Disease lead her to her journey of foraging. She shares how this challenge spurred her creativity to seek foods + cuisines that she could eat. Although one might lament over missing out on the foods you know + love, Carrie’s joy for this childlike play of discovery is contagious. I personally love how she doesn’t just stop with knowing what to forage but what to do with them in recipes once you’ve found them… which has always been my insecurity with eating foraged plants.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 114 – Carrie Keplinger – Foraging – Like A Walking Meditation

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Show Notes

  • Listen to Carrie’s story of eliminating pain after going gluten free
  • How she decided to create her website Gluten Free Hack to help others discover resources + recipes
  • Rediscover the childlike joy around food from foraging
  • Find out how life challenges can spark the creativity that brings great joy
  • Uncovering the lost traditions of our history in foraging foods local to us
  • Learn more about recipes to use with your forage foods
  • Listen to beginner tips to begin foraging in your local area

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Links Mentioned:

Gluten Free Hack


Book- Foraging For Lunch

Northwest Foraging


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