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Ep 21 – Casey McCluskey – Shrooms for Health

This curly hair ginger, tells her love story–– why she fell in love with mushrooms, and started a business with her husband selling quality mushroom powders. We talk about her severe eczema condition, the radiant health benefits of chinese mushrooms, to what it’s really like to work with your husband.

Episode 21 – Casey McCluskey – Shrooms For Health

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Show Notes:

  • How to amplify your health once you’ve got the clean eating down
  • Discover the different types of eastern herbs & mushrooms and their benefits:
  • The 101 on Medicinal Mushrooms – Chaga & Reishi
  • Learn about Adaptogens such as Astragulus He Shou Wu, Gynostemma
  • How to improve your immune system
  • Why these herbs are for preventative health too & support the best quality of life
  • Delicious recipes make with these medicinal mushrooms
  • The powerful potency to improve your health & why it’s nothing to be scared of
  • Working with the hubs… learning each others strengths & weaknesses, clear communication, and dealing with feelings
  • Is detoxing dangerous?
  • Casey’s secrets to eating healthy even when  managing a busy schedule


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Recipe – Raspberry Gelato


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