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Ep 83 – Christina Roach – Dinner Time Recipe For Success as Stepmom

It doesn’t have to be a recipe for disaster for you as step mom (or bio mom) when it comes to serving healthy meals at the dinner table. In this interview with Christina Roach, President of Success for Steps, discover how to set the table as place of communion and intention. I love how Christina shares her perspective as both Step Mom & Bio Mom, along with her counseling background… what she shares is, in my opinion, the ultimate recipe for success and happiness around food in your home.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 83 – Christina Roach – Dinner Time Recipe For Success as Stepmom

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Show Notes:

  • How to set agreed upon expectations for dinner time in the step family dynamic
  • Discover Christina’s perspective to serving nutritious meals without the need to force it
  • Listen to her story of Lasagna from scratch that was boo-ed by her step daughter
  • Find out if seating arrangements at the dinner table will help you in your family
  • How to handle picky eaters with the unique role as a step mom
  • What to do if you’re left feeling angry after serving your family healthy dinners that just don’t seem to be appreciated

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