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Ep 95 – Christine Gutierrez – Breaking Up With Self-Sabotage + Love Poems

Listen to this fab interview with, Christine Gutierrez, to learn soulful advice to break up with self-sabotage… specifically when it comes to food… you know like binge eating, emotional eating, etc. Plus we both go emo and + unexpectedly share some of our personal poetry towards the end.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 95 – Christine Gutierrez – Breaking Up With Self-Sabotage + Love Poems

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Show Notes:

  • Find out the hidden message about your Self-Sabotage + Emotional Eating
  • What to do when you find yourself in front of the fridge ready to stuff your emotions
  • Listen to Christine’s advice when it’s just too painful to go there + do the healing work
  • Dealing with body shame when you’ve failed a diet + is it an effective motivator?
  • Why affirmations don’t help with self sabotage
  • Discover the connection to abusive relationships… with men + food
  • Listen to some live poetry readings from the both of us

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