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Ep 63 – Danielle Omar – Nutrition Strategy

I love this episode with Nutritionist, Danielle Omar, as she sheds light to her super practical approach to handling the kitchen. In fact, I think this is the secret to why she’s always loved being in the kitchen, or hey, some are just blessed with this gene ;) Regardless, in this episode, Danielle, spills the beans on how she manifested her profession as a teen, managed to appear on National TV, get published in Major Magazines, (and maybe most valuable) how in the world she got her kid to actually love bitter greens. Indeed, Danielle has a lot of excellent strategies she offers in this episode.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 63 – Danielle Omar – Nutrition Strategy

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to her perspective on the differences of working men vs. women to reach their health goals
  • How she landed her gigs on National Television & Big Name Magazines
  • Find out how she manifested her health profession as a teen
  • Her food philosophy as a dietitian who also supports detoxes
  • Discover the crimes & myths in nutrition
  • Uncovering the “Fear Tactics” often used to scare us into healthy eating that aren’t based on science or facts
  • Dealing with the overwhelm to eat clean whole foods
  • Our opinions on the Fed Up Documentary and why we were super annoyed by it & what it lacked
  • Her tactics to getting her daughter to love greens and eat great… and that you can rules you can incorporate too
  • What techniques to use when you didn’t start early with healthy eating with your kids
  • Discover her fail proof tips to dealing with moments you REALLY don’t want to be in the kitchen
  • How to enjoy grocery shopping & creating a meal plan


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