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Episode 4- Donna & Tora – Upgrade Your Diet

It turns out, you don’t have to transform your pantries overnight (or throw out all sweets) to get to your “confident” weight. Instead you can slowly add in healthier options week by week. In this episode, learn the backstory to Donna being 70lbs overweight and Tora weighing just 81lbs with an eating disorder, and their journey back to health.

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Show Notes:

  • What drove Tora to weighing just 80 lbs and Donna to gaining 70 lbs
  • Learn the catalyst in their life that drove them to finally get to their “confident” weight
  • Donna shares her journey to giving up trying to lose weight for good
  • Find out why they say “screw willpower”
  • The declaration you can make that will make all the difference
  • Tora’s current T.V. show… that she’s a bit embarrassed to tell
  • The truth in how Tora pulls Donna to be comfortable in the kitchen

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