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Ep 89 – Elle Griffin – Divine Feminine as a Modern Woman

In this interview with Elle Griffin, Scholar of the Divine Feminine, we chat about forbidden topics, from the stories of females before us who changed the world by listening to their gut, dreams + feelings–– to glitter, sex, moon cycles, wisdom of menopause, shame for being female… and a few references to champagne + Kate Spade shoes. I was “Over The Moon” to have her on, as she’s all things fun, flirty, + spiritual. I especially love how Elle challenges us to awaken our desires even if they don’t fit the way “we’re supposed to be”.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 89 – Elle Griffin – Divine Feminine as a Modern Woman

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Show Notes:

  • Why we’ve traded in our desires for sparkly things to appear more masculine.
  • How to awaken your Divine Feminine in a world of responsibilities + too much to do.
  • What your monthly cycle (or lack of) reveals about your emotional hurts.
  • Discover her #1 tip to tap into your Divine Femininity.
  • Find out what foods she eats to feel divinely female.
  • How to feed your soul + let go of weird food rules.

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