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Ep 102 – Fat Pants Files – How Body Shame Hurting Your Daughter + Husband?

Love, Body Shame is a real topic for us ladies.

But have you stopped to consider how YOUR Body Shame this is affecting your loved ones?

Specifically your husband (or partner) + daughter (or niece).

Brace yourself for this real talk on this touchy topic.

If Body Shame is something you struggle with, I know this episode will help you see things in a new light.

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Fresh Eats Radio Audio Transcript – Fat Pants Files – How Body Shame Hurting Your Daughter + Husband?


Body Shame + Your Husband

You know that dreaded feeling you get at the thought of having to undress in front of your husband.

You don’t want him to see you naked. So you have him turn around while you undress, and hurry into the shower… alone… and pull the shower curtain back tight so there’s no chance to peak through, and see you!

Or what about when it’s time for a little hanky-panky….”Oh god, help me! I don’t want him to see me with the lights on!”

Nothing kills the romantic mood faster than a woman’s negative thoughts about herself.

There’s no way you can move into ecstasy when you’re thinking about…

“does he feel my fat bouncing around? Who am I fooling? There’s no way he’s attracted to me + enjoying this.”


Ready For A Loving Bitch-Slap?

What are you doing love!!!?

When your husband whispers in your ear in the morning that, “you’re so beautiful”, or tells you that, “you looked so sexy tonight” and you discount what he says as truth…. What are you really telling him?

You’re discounting him.

You’re de-masculating him.

He loves you as you are, but you’re not receiving his love.

In essence, you’re rejecting his love for you as you are.

That’s messed up!


Body Shame + Your Daughter

Now, let’s talk about what you’re doing to your daughter(s) when you shame your body.

You look in the mirror and UGGHH!!!! UGGHH!!! UGGHH!!

Whether you avert looking at yourself , sigh out loud, or literally verbally abuse yourself OUTLOUD…

Your beautiful daughter(s) are watching you.

Like it or not love, they will mimic your behavior.

Think about that.

Your daughter(s) are looking at their body and hating what they see, hanging their head down, not fully shining in the truth of their beauty,

I know you’d fight for them to wake up + see their beauty.

I see your beauty.

You ARE beautiful!

Your husband + daughter sees it too!

Will you start to see + trust the beauty you hold?

If you need help getting to this place of owning your beauty, I invite you to fill out this application to see if working together is the right fit.


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