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Ep 104 – Fat Pants Files – Weight Loss vs. Body Acceptance… + Body Diversity

Hey love!

You know me by now, and know that I promote a balance of loving your body with the foods you eat + knowing you’re beautiful as you are.

So, I’m going to ask you a HEAVY question…

Have you ever dared to question your beliefs about your body?

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Fresh Eats Radio Audio Transcript – Fat Pants Files – Weight Loss vs. Body Acceptance… + Body Diversity

Question Thoughts Like…

  • If I’m fat, I’m ugly + a failure
  • If I’m fat no one will love me
  • I look disgusting
  • I will be so much happier when I lose the weight
  • I want to lose the weight for health reasons.
  • If I don’t obsess about dieting + exercise I will become an overweight coach potato of a slob
  • My husband will leave me for another woman

Quick Side Note:
I’ve noticed a trend in the anti-diet industry to eliminate the word “weight loss”, in the belief that those words do us harm and really is a wrong way to think.

I agree + disagree.

I AGREE that it is possible to be obsessed in an unhealthy way with weight loss, that focusing on weight loss can cause harm. When really it could be that we just need to see things in a new light.

I AGREE that we shouldn’t shame fat people, and recognize that our societal obsession with skinny as the definition of beauty is relatively new historically.

I also DISAGREE because weight can be a symptom of the unhealed hurts that we want to hide from. Or a symptom that we’re not in alignment with the truth of our deep cravings + desires and we might be using food as a temporary fix for.

I also DISAGREE with banning words … like in this case, “weight loss”. That’s a really scary road to go down if you ask me.

I believe that it’s possible to be healthy and be called “fat” or “chunky” by some.

I believe that’s is also possible to be “fat” or “chunky” and not be healthy.


So Which Is The Case For You?… More Body Acceptance or Weight Loss

I think you know whether or not you need to lose weight or whether you really need more body acceptance.

But here is a quick quiz to find out:

  1. Do I think it’s gross when I see a photo of a plus size model?
  2. Do I cringe at the site of cellulite?
  3. Am I constantly thinking about being skinnier when I look at myself?
  4. Do I feel body shame when I see a skinny model in a movie or TV show?


If you answered “YES” to two or more of these questions, you could benefit from finding more sources of Body Diversity.

You can actually control the sources of media that you allow into your life.

This includes limiting the media sources that make you feel shitty.

And including more media sources that show you different types of sizes + shapes.

Here are a few sources to get started:

Body Diverse Models:

Style + Fashion


I think we can all benefit from more Body Diversity. But if you know that you’re using weight to hide your emotional hurts + desires, for fear of being seen, then I invite you to complete this application to see if working together is the right fit.


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