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Ep 90 – Fat Pants Files – I Can’t Lose Weight… “Welcome to the club… you’re just old”

Today we are talking about real topics of weight loss + pain + health as we get older.

You know… “I can’t lose weight”… or “I’m in pain”…

And you’re met with comments like:

“It’s easier if you just except it. “

“There’s nothing you can do about it… you’re just getting older + it’s part of it.”

Does something feel wrong to accept this fate?

Good! Because this doesn’t have to be your truth.

As ladies we often try to hold onto our youthfulness as long as possible. We want to be seen as youthful. Somehow or someway it has to do something with our feeling of validity historically or on a deep rooted sense. If we’re being honest with yourself, we view our youthfulness with our validness + importance.

Let’s talk more about this topic today + youthfulness…

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Fresh Eats Radio Audio Transcript – Fat Pants Files – I Can’t Lose Weight… “Welcome to the club… you’re just old”


Why we don’t feel youthful…

  • Wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Sagging… OMG!
  • Wider Waist
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Lower Energy
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Difficulty Losing Weight


What you used to be able to do in your 20’s or 30’s even… is now not easy at all.

We just chucked it off as “youthfulness”.

Sounds pretty despairing, right?… Why would you want to accept this as truth? And that voice of rebellion… let’s listen to that!

So often we are told that this is is normal. And on one hand it is… I mean, you’re not going to look 20 forever!

Sure your metabolism does slow down in your late 30’s and hormones do change, but you are not left without hope.


You are not doomed.


There is definitely something you can do to maintain your youthfulness while still honoring your current age, and the aging process in general.

Obviously you don’t want to look like you’re 20 forever… even though you likely joke that you do. But you don’t really. What you want is to remain youthful in your current age. We want to be in a great spot for the age that we’re at. That’s the truth.


As you age your Metabolism starts to slow down.


And did you know that as a female, you already have a slower metabolism than men?

On one hand this might seem kinda sucky but truthfully sister, you and I were just made to carry more fat than men. I find this fact comforting because it gives me permission to enjoy my natural curves and other feminine areas where a little fat is a good thing. I’ll take it when I can get it!!!

Metabolism is simply the process in which your body converts food into energy. Breathing, digesting, a beating heart… all these functions require energy. When functioning properly everything works correctly. But when you don’t get enough fuel from the foods you eat your body starts to act a little wonky.

For example, a slowing metabolism can make it difficult to lose weight (among other annoying symptoms). But the good news is that you are not destined to stay stuck in this misery! In fact a balanced lifestyle––including reducing stress, physical activity, eating nutrient dense foods, and eliminating environmental toxins can repair the adrenal glands/thyroids and increase metabolism.

Which this translates into what you call “youthfulness”.

Doesn’t it feel great knowing there is something you can do about it!

That you don’t have to accept as reality what others are telling us to accept… that you’re just getting old.


What you can do to increase your youthfulness:



Make sure you block out enough time to get enough sleep. I love to have a routine for my nighttime rituals. It’s so grounding + nurturing.

It’s not always easy as I can tend to be a work-aholic and just work, work, work, and never stop. But have a system in place with a bedtime routine, definitely gets me into the mode to slow down. It’s a ritual where I start to expect it and becomes a habit. That’s the benefit of having a routine. Getting enough sleep is going to help you to wake up feeling energized. You need sleep in order to repair your body. It’s essential. Essential to having energy.



OMG! Ladies! We know too much about this topic. I’ve talked to many of you and really when it comes down to it… the only thing that holds us back from taking time to slow down is us!

Myself included.

We do not give ourself permission to slow down or to relax. ..

To take a few minutes to sit down and watch TV with your husband.

Or to sit out by the pool.

To workout…

Which was my excuse for too long. I would tell myself I’m too busy to workout!” + “I don’t have time for this!”

Yet I would get jealous of my husband when he would make time for himself to workout or go outside and be in the sun.

I had to be real honest with myself and realize that I was the only one holding me back. No one was holding me back, but me!

Moving Your Body

Talking about stress + moving your body… it doesn’t have to be something super extensive workout routine. It can’t be as simple as going out for a walk.

Getting some sort of physical outlet is going to help your body create more energy and have a BOOST in your metabolism so you can experience + feel youthfulness.


Definitely food is super, super important and something that we tend to overlook as a society. Which is why I do this podcast, Fresh Eats Radio.

To eat Whole Foods without the processed crap. When you do this, also comes eliminating the toxins that are in our food supply


Eliminate Toxins

The second half to that is eliminating the source is environmental toxins. The things that we put on our skin, cleaning products, the air we breathe, etc.

The goal is not to overwhelm you with things to do, but to take action today, by focusing on one thing. Even if it is small.



The Challenge


I want you to focus on one aspect each day this week. One day on Sleep, Stress, Moving Your Body, Food, + Toxins.

Just to get you started

Or if there is just one area that you know is your weakness, focus on that.

See what you can do today to boost your metabolism. And then tell what it is that you’re going to be doing + let’s keep each other accountable.

I will definitely keep you accountable if you post in the Fresh Eats Sisterhood group.


That’s it for today’s episode, loves! I look forward to talking with you next week, on the next episode of the Fat Pants Files.





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