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Ep 98 – Fat Pants Files – What The Little Girl Inside You Has To Do With Your Weight

Have you ever been silenced or ignored before?

Maybe cutoff in conversation
Shunned from a group of friends
Verbally told to shut up by a loved one or authority figure
Told what you had to say isn’t important
Ignored when you reached out

It can sting. And when it happens on a continual basis can be very damaging to our self esteem + confidence.

It might even be the cause for your negative belief systems…

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Fresh Eats Radio Audio Transcript – Fat Pants Files – What The Little Girl Inside You Has To Do With Your Weight

It might even be the cause for your negative belief systems…

“I’m not worth it.”
“I don’t matter.”
“I’m not enough.”

After a while this silencing can bring resentment + bottled up anger. (rightfully so)

I’m going to be bold and tell you that if you’re carrying extra weight or continue to put yourself in abusive + addictive patterns, that you have untold stories from the Little Girl inside of you.

What Untold Stories Does The Little Girl Inside You Have?

Many of us have some messed up childhood stories. Things that should have never been said or done to a little child, so innocent.

Maybe it was your perfectionist father, controlling mother, or abusive brother, uncle, grandmother, etc.

What happened in your childhood years that is skewing how you see yourself today?

Here are some of the common ones that I’ve seen with those struggling to lose weight + continue to hold an abusive relationship with their body + food today, that stem from childhood:

An alcoholic parent
A sexually abusive relationship with a family member
A verbally abusive relationship with an authority figure
An unstable home environment…. Anywhere from drugs, suicide, divorce.

But being silenced or ignored as a child doesn’t necessarily have to be as dramatic as the examples above.

It could be pressure to be perfect to please your parents
It could be that you don’t fit the mold of what your parents expect from you
It could be “cultural” that you weren’t aloud to speak up as a kid

The childhood years are critical to the foundation of how we see our world today. It’s the basis for how we measure all things. Including what how we perceive + receive love today.

What Happens When You Silence The Little Girl Inside You?

Do you know that the Little Girl still lives inside of you?

I bet that her perspective has been shoved down by you as an adult, because it hurts to go back there to the pain + hurt.

She still has things to say…. That what happened to her wasn’t right or okay.

Have you been using food to shove down her voice + also the voices of the authority figures from your childhood?


What would happen if you allowed her to be heard?

What if you could protect her now and let her know that it is safe?

What if you could be a Loving Mother Figure to her?

Your Challenge

  1. Write a letter from the perspective on the Little Girl inside you to see what she has to say
  2. If you’d like to do further work to help the Little Girl inside you be heard, I invite you to complete this application to see if working together is the right fit.

Keep me updated with any discoveries you uncover.


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