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Ep 105 – Erin Stutland – Body Movement + Soul Strouls

In this interview, Erin Stutland, creator of the workout Shrink Sessions, shares with us how anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder led her to seek mantras for spiritual healing. We talk about dealing with negative body image, how to change our beliefs, and the connection to anxiety + food. I especially love how Erin weaves in creativity into preparing foods and how this helped her overcome the fear of being in the kitchen.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 105 – Erin Stutland – Body Movement + Soul Strouls

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Show Notes:

  • Discover how to use Mantras + Movement to overcome our negative self talk
  • How to focus on success in business when all you feel is fear
  • Erin’s story of body comparison, dancer, and anxiety that led to an eating disorder
  • Listen to her food philosophy of no shame around food + gourmet donuts
  • Going from to “bachelor’s fridge” to creative cook who doesn’t want to share the kitchen

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Links mentioned:

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