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Ep 75 – Franziska Spritzler – Low Carb & Healthy Aging

In this interview, Franziska Spritzler, shares how she experiences more energy & vitality at 48 than she ever did in her 30’s as a result of her diet. Discover what foods she eats to soothe menopause symptoms, diabetes, PCOS, and the pooch belly. Plus, Franziska shares how she got her Fast Food Lovin’ hubby to trade in his french fries and ASK for more whole foods.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 75 – Franziska Spritzler – Low Carb & Healthy Aging

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Show Notes:

  • Discover what Life Curve Ball came her way that changed how she viewed low-carb eating
  • What exactly is a low carb diet & how it could help you
  • All about Healthy Aging as a female
  • How eating Dark Chocolate can actually help with Healthy Aging
  • How to manage Perimenopause & Menopause symptoms
  • Super quick recipes for greater health


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Links Mentioned:

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Black Cohosh

The Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet



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