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I’m not covered in Freckles myself but I’ve always found freckles to be strikingly beautiful. I know many freckled friends of mine that do not find beauty in their freckles.

I’ve always found this strange. But I suppose it’s pretty normal for a women to desire what another has and want that instead… like curly hair if she has straight hair…or straight hair if she has curly hair.

As a little girl, I had moles. I’m super lucky that my mom spoke over me before the kids at school got to me… because sometimes the kids at school can be mean!

My mom used to always admire mine + my sisters moles, except she didn’t call them “moles”, she called them “Beauty Marks”… and what little girl doesn’t love to be chosen to possess something special on her body that labels her “beautiful”.


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Hate Your Freckles + Moles? – How To Actually Love Them

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I had never heard my beauty marks referenced as anything else until school. As a confident little girl, I stood my ground, when others girls told me “they are not beauty marks… they are moles”. I knew I was right and I corrected them. (Go little Heather!)

Then as an adult, playing with my oldest niece, and adoring her radiant beauty… I spotted something special…her beauty marks! Also on her neck + face, just like her Aunt and Mom. Feeling an even greater connection to my beautiful niece.

Then it hit me!

I realized for the first time that these Beauty Marks held even something more to be treasured. They represented a connection to my Father’s side, for all Hudson’s wear their Beauty Marks, and they grow and multiple as we age. And we pass them to our children.

Something else quirky that I’ve learned to love about my growing freckles/moles as an adult…

About 4 years ago I went to see a Dermatologist to check my skin. During the exam, she smiled as she spotted these marks on my chest and noticed they were symmetrical in placement and formed a triangle when you connected the dots.

She was right! And I smiled too because even my freckles/moles like to play art.



The point… 

It’s amazing to me the power we have when we choose to see our body as beautiful, ladies! It allows us to love us like those who love us, see us.

Carefully choose to see beauty in your body, because that too you pass down to your children.

It holds the power to damage or heal…for you + them.

Love those freckles + moles!… They’re your beauty marks.



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