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Episode 3- Heather Pierce – Screw Willpower! Be Lazy & Still Eat Healthy.

It’s the Heathers’ Show!… without red scrunchies. Although we’re both into making quick healthy dishes, this “clique” is more of a friendly sisterhood. In fact, Heather has no shame in sharing that she’s a “Functioning Lazy”– and I grill her on what this looks like when you’re also a healthy eating persona. Can you really be both!? Listen to this episode and find out.

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Show Notes:

  • Heather’s superpower ability for quick healthy foods that also taste uh-mazing
  • How the self proclaimed “laziest person on the planet” can cook healthy meals and so can you!
  • Discover your “Food Personality” and yes there’s an actual quiz for this.
  • Her knack to predict what you’ll order when eating out
  • Why she loathes meal plans
  • Her secret ninja skill that always puts her ahead in the kitchen
  • ALERT… more recipes are NOT what you need to eat healthier.

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