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Ep 57 – Julie Santiago – Trading Wall Street for Women Empowerment

Julie Santiago shares her journey from Wall Street Trader to fearlessly chasing your feminine desires. We talk about BOTH of our journeys of exile from corporate and FINALLY listening to our desires once our bodies basically forced us. We bring it all back to the kitchen and food and how to instill more of the feminine energy.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 57 – Julie Santiago – Trading Wall Street for Women Empowerment

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Show Notes:

  • How your career can lead to poor health
  • Plus how your body sends you messages it’s time to leave.
  • From working in Wall Street surrounded by a sea of men to leading women’s circles.
  • Discover how this cool astrology knowledge might shed some clues to major shifts in your life
  • The thoughts that hold us back as women from to go after what we really desire
  • How to get back to the things that you enjoy in life & use the TSO method
  • Find out how to break free to become who you’re meant to be
  • Masculine energy vs. Feminine energy in the Kitchen
  • Discover how to let go of perfection and incorporate more play
  • Releasing & Trusting your body around food
  • Mindless eating and how to tap into your bodies real desires


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