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Ep 91 – Karen Page – The Flavor Bible

Don’t know what to make for dinner? In this interview with Karen Page, a James Beard Award-winning author of a number of culinary-themed books, we chat about her passion with food + entrepreneurship. Including how these two passions both stem from childhood. I love her drive to teach + inspire others to eat healthy without settling your taste buds. She shows you how to take baby steps to cooking without feeling overwhelmed in making meals with fresh ingredients that taste amazing.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 91 – Karen Page – The Flavor Bible

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Show Notes:

  • Listen as she shares her story on how she was also more into eating food than cooking food
  • Discover what happened in her family that inspired her + her husband to create The Vegetarian Flavor Bible
  • Find out what kind of drive fueled her passion to write multiple award winning culinary books… without being a trained chef or attending culinary school
  • Her secret to decades of marriage + partnering with her husband to create multiple books together
  • How she eats fresh whole foods when traveling.
  • Karen’s tips to making meals in baby steps.

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Book: The Vegetarian Flavor Bible

Links Mentioned:

T.Colin Campbell Foundation

Grace Restaurant


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