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Episode 117 – Kathy Stowell – Creative Healing + Mama Bliss

in this interview with Kathy Stowell, creator of Mama Bliss Coaching School, we dish on the challenges of self-care as a mom + biz owner, how she got started blogging, plus how creativity was a healing modality for breaking free from past hurt. I especially love the vulnerability Kathy shares in her story as we open the interview, and the honesty in the real struggle of guilt when it comes to balancing Family + Biz. The conversation ranges from creativity, expressing yourself, starting/growing a blog, alcohol, SHOES, self care, and an unexpected Wedding Day confrontation. It’s JAMMED PACKED with goodness.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 117 – Kathy Stowell – Creative Healing + Mama Bliss

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Show Notes

  • Kathy’s unexpected Wedding Day confrontation
  • On opening up dormant creativity
  • Manifesting her dream man
  • From yoga instructor to Mama Biz Coach
  • How to balance Family with Business and dealing with guilt
  • Listen to her Self Care Rituals that involve SHOES
  • Discover the 4 Pillars of Mama Biz

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Book: Simplicity Parenting

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