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Kim Castle – Aging Ungracefully & Gluten Free Eating

I’m taken by Kim and her appendage pal, Belly Bob! After talking with her about the naked truth to aging…what it looks like, feels like, and what no one else ever talks about––I’m both scared and empowered.  So THIS  is what I have to look forward to as I continue to age into a hot flash mess. And if you’re already there, discover what you can do about it.

Episode 19 – Kim Castle – Aging Ungracefully & Gluten Free Eating

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Show Notes:

  • Kim’s story of running herself into the ground to how she is helps women live better through entertainment
  • Listen as she describes our tendency to hide behind “doing” & learn how to take time for self
  • Find out what exactly “Aging UNgracefully” looks like
  • Discover how she got out of her depression that left her wanting to kill herself
  • Why this Type A finally quit so that she could do what she was born to do
  • Get the insider secrets to what really happens as we age
  • All about her decline of hormones and an underactive thyroid
  • What you can do to age UNgracefully too to fight “getting older”
  • How being a driven woman affected her health
  • Kim shares how she used different diets to control her health that eventually led her down the path to becoming A Born Again Foodie
  • All about her TV Show that features Gluten Free Recipes
  • How she honors her sweet tooth that leaves you feeling good and keeps you in your skinny jeans
  • Why gluten free tastes like crap… UNLESS you have Kim’s secrets to making it to taste delicious
  • Her naked, behind the scenes to creating a brand and mastering the social media platforms


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