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Ep 65 – Kitty Cavalier – Seduction As A Spiritual Practice

HOLY Sh*t! I don’t there’s ever been an episode where I’ve been more on the HOT SEAT, than in this delicious + juicy interview with seductress, Kitty Cavalier. Together we talk about using seduction as a spiritual practice, awaken your husbands desire for you, and how seduction begins with cultivating a relationship with yourself first. Kitty uses me as an example to flaunt my flaws.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 65 – Kitty Cavalier – Seduction As A Spiritual Practice

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Show Notes:

  • From desiring to become a Nun to landing a feature in Penthouse Magazine
  • Removing the guilt and shame from sensuality
  • How to create seduction as a spiritual practice
  • Discovering what you truly lust for
  • How success is a form of seduction
  • The exercise she uses in her classes to see beauty within yourself regardless of your body type
  • Her favorite seduction movie … BTW it’s rated PG-13
  • How to flaunt your flaws
  • Find out how to tap into your Flirtatious DNA that already exists inside you
  • A challenge to get your husband to notice you

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