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Ep 67 – Lily Nichols- Real Food for Gestational Diabetes (& Alaskan Living)

In this interview with Lily Nichols, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN), Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), and Certified Pilates Instructor shares her approach to nutrition that embraces real food, integrative medicine, and mindful eating. Her fascination with the dietary practices of traditional cultures combined with an abnormal love for medical research, especially regarding prenatal nutrition, has led her to become one of the country’s most sought after real food for pregnancy experts. On today’s episode, Lily shares how women can gain control of their gestational diabetes using a nutrient-dense, real food diet. Also, in this interview Lily shares the adventures of leaving the abundance of California produce, to moving to Alaska and eating what’s available.

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 67 – Lily Nichols- Real Food for Gestational Diabetes (& Alaskan Living)

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Show Notes:

  • What is gestational diabetes and how it affects momma & child LONG after the birth
  • Discover the long term risks of gestational diabetes
  • What foods you should seek if you or your friend has gestational diabetes
  • Discover why Lily is super passionate about spreading this knowledge
  • How this Cali girl landed her feet in Alaska and the challenges (and pluses) to eating fresh foods
  • Lily sets the record straight, offering revamped carbohydrate recommendations and exercise guidelines based on the latest clinical research
  • Listen as Lily shares how you can have gestational diabetes and have a healthy baby

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Book: Nourishing Traditions

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