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Ep 97 – Dr. Linda Bacon – Body Respect + Health At Every Size

Check out my interview with Linda Bacon, Ph.D., an internationally-recognized authority on topics related to nutrition, weight and health. We discuss why diets aren’t serving your real goal and how her personal difficulties with weight regulation  sparked her research. FYI… her research that we discuss  just might lead you to question everything you THOUGHT you wanted… aka to be skinny. Find out how it’s possible to be healthy at every size and to respect your body at any size + shape.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 97 – Dr. Linda Bacon – Body Respect + Health At Every Size

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Show Notes:

  • Discover her personal difficulties with weight regulation that sparked her research
  • Understand what Health At Every Size really means
  • Listen to why she’s ready to take the topic further to discuss Body Respect
  • Find out what to do if you struggle with Body Shame + Hatred
  • Dr. Linda explains why your diet isn’t serving your real goal

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