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Ep 15 – Lindsey Smith – Food Moods

It’s my first rap ever on Fresh Eats Radio!!! Seriously loved having speaker/rapper, Lindsey Smith on the show. And we discuss it ALL…from her journey as a sensitive and emotional child with panic attacks to center stage health speaker, to all things junk food– the moods, the guilt, and why you should still eat chocolate cake, to the science of sugary processed foods and where common sense comes into play.

Ep 15 – Lindsey Smith – Food Moods

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Show Notes:

  • How she became known as the fruit & veggie rapper chic
  • Her story of how health cleared up her teenage panic & anxiety attacks
  • From chubby and super self conscious to the center stage as health speaker
  • The junk food & junk mood cycle
  • Which foods cause us to experience funky, low moods
  • Why it’s okay to to take baby steps to health
  • And what simple small steps you can take to add in more healthy foods
  • Dealing with food guilt
  • Why we shouldn’t get so caught up over organic foods
  • The dangers of sugar and the crazy places they lurk
  • Ranting on how the whole no-sugar thing has gone too far!
  • Science vs. Common sense with what foods to eat
  • Her techniques to traveling and eating healthy
  • What healthy snacks she brings when she travels or when on the go
  • Her favorite snack that know one else can stand… yum? or yuck?
  • Listen to her awesome rap at the end… so much fun!



Food is meant to be enjoyed. Celebrate! Eat chocolate cake without the guilt. @LindseySmithHHC @HeatherRampolla

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RECIPE: Kale Pesto

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