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Ep 45 – Michelle Kabler – Kitchen Confidence

Listen as, Michelle Kabler, shares with us how to gain Kitchen Confidence, which believe it or not, is something that I STILL struggle with. And OH,the timing of this episode, as we near the Holidays and perhaps get ready to host for family & friends. This is the episode that prompted me to grab my kitchen confidence and get into my dinner party groove. Michelle is an expert on how to fearlessly approach your kitchen. Whether you’re scared to be in the kitchen, bothered by the chore of it, or feel like you’re lacking some home cookin’ mojo, this is the interview for you.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 45 – Michelle Kabler – Kitchen Confidence

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Show Notes:

  • The skinny on Michelle’s love/hate relationship that eventually led her to culinary school
  • Why she had to shift the reality of her world where food was the enemy to her health
  • Listen to her crazy practical tips to gaining Kitchen Confidence
  • Find out how to clear up stagnant energy in your kitchen
  • How to overcome your fear of cooking or cooking for others & rock it when company is over
  • Discover what surprising kitchen gadget she can’t live without and that she won’t let her boyfriend touch
  • Ways to Spice Up Your Cooking Life… P.S. it involves sex and kids
  • She shares how kitchen confidence leads to confidence in other areas of life


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