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Episode 1 – Nathalie Lussier – Fresh Foods for the Busy & Tempted

I’m pulling this interview out from the archives of my raw food days. In this interview with Nathalie, I uncover her magical tricks and tips to eating more fresh foods. At the time of this interview Nathalie and I were both eating raw foods and actively promoting this lifestyle. Interestingly we’ve both evolved in our health journey and no longer solely eat just raw foods.  Nathalie is a powerhouse of talent and guides us on how to eat healthy when living a busy lifestyle.

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Show Notes:

  • Practical tips to handle eating healthy while managing multiple businesses or roles
  • Nathalie’s tips to dealing with family & friends who might not be understand your food choices
  • Her confession to having a major sweet tooth and her favorite go to recipe
  • How to handle stress in a busy world
  • Eating for the seasons & intuitive eating
  • Going back to the reasons why you chose this healthy lifestyle
  • Her #1 kitchen tool(s) she recommends for busy ladies
  • How her husband’s culture inspires her in the kitchen
  • We discuss the truth about our cravings to fat, salt, sugar, and caffeine
  • Understanding the different kinds of temptations
  • Her secret tool to unlock built up blockages to her sweet temptations
  • Her favorite fruit that turns most people away by it’s smell
  • Why she decided to go raw and how she got her father to eat more fresh foods

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