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Nichole Kellerman – Weight Loss Gone WILD

Nichole and I talk about how she discovered a way for Weight Loss… that doesn’t suck! And it’s all about going WILD! Ladies, we talk about boobs and big butts. And all the other areas that we pinch, poke, and hate. This episode is for those of you who hate your body or who desperately want to lose weight.

Ep 16 – Nichole Kellerman – Weight Loss Gone WILD

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to her wild struggles with being a curvy girl
  • Why she doesn’t diet or restrict the foods she eats and still loses weight
  • How she developed an eating and image disorder
  • Her Food Lover Philosophy
  • The crazy simple thing that gets her clients losing weight without diet pills or powders
  • How you can trust yourself with what you eat
  • What to do when every other diet hasn’t work
  • From workaholic to lady of leisure


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 Actually weight loss CAN be enjoyable. It does’t need to SUCK @nkellerman @HeatherRampolla

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CLICK HERE to learn more about “A Loving Approach To Stubborn Weight Loss”

A Loving Approach To Stubborn Weight Loss


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