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Ep 25 – Nicole Jardim – Healing Hormones

Nicole and I discuss candidly about hormones. The good, the bad, and the ugly! I love how Nicole goes where most of us are too afraid to go, and sheds the light on all things hormones– including PMS, thyroid issues, and more. 

 Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 25 – Nicole Jardim – Healing Hormones

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Show Notes:

  • On answering if hormones are something to be cured or fixed
  • How sensitive are our endocrine system to hormones and our surroundings as females
  • An intimate look into how our hormones function and why things go haywire
  • The missing foundation to bring our hormones into balance… and it might not be what you want to hear or what’d you’d expect
  • How to determine if you are stressing to your endocrine system
  • A quick analysis of your menstrual cycle
  • The verdict on coffee and hormones
  • Why it’s so important to have a place to ask these questions amongst other women & where to go for this support
  • The gossip on some PMS horror stories
  • The scary truth about “the pill”
  • The skinny on hormones and weight gain or the inability to lose weight
  • Ways to rev up your sex drive
  • The effects of dairy on our hormones
  • What foods you should avoid for better health & balanced hormones
  • And what foods to focus on to support our hormones.


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Recipe: “Another Simple Vegetarian Recipe”

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