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Episode 108 – Nina Manolson – Enter The Realm of Queendom

This is my first episode on Fresh Eats Radio, where I have a previous guest back on the show. I couldn’t resist the chance to have Nina Manolson, back on to share her deep, nourishing wisdom with us on banishing overwhelm and entering into the realm of our inner Queen… a title that’s our birthright as ladies. I could soak in her wisdom all day, and I had the chance to have her coach me LIVE on my own overwhelm story.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 108 – Nina Manolson – Enter The Realm of Queendom

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Show Notes:

  • The secret to feeling really, really good as a woman
  • Find out how to enter the realm of queendom in your everyday life
  • Discover the Nourishment Dynamic and how to use it to banish feeling like a failure
  • Listen to Nina coach me LIVE to beat my real overwhelm story
  • Plus, a custom challenge just for you

Nina’s Links:

Freebie – Deluxe Green Smoothie Starter Kit

Freebie – Video Series

Nourished Nation

Links mentioned:

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