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Episode 12 – Nina Manolson – Nourish Yourself,  Hot Momma!

Love this interview with Nina Manolson. She shows me how to nourish myself more and feel like a Hot Momma in the day-to-day. With her background as a therapist we also discuss the Psychology of Eating and how this affects us as busy ladies… and the notorious “Busy Badge of Honor”. Plus we discuss the science on why we don’t lose weight when super busy or stressed. I also am enchanted by her family dinner time ritual and hope to try this one in my home.

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Show Notes:

  • Discover ways to nourish yourself in the day to day
  • What dinner ritual helps her family eat slower and be present
  • The lowdown on the “Busy Badge of Honor”
  • The science on why we don’t lose weight when we’re super busy
  • What foods leech your body of nutrients and minerals
  • She reveals how to eat chocolate cake and not gain weight
  • Dealing with guilt for not eating “perfect” and how to tame our expectations
  • How to go from crazy busy to “Rest & Digest”
  • Listen to why she calls “The breathing diet” a cheat to better digestion
  • What you can do to discover your food sensitivities
  • Examples of how to slowly upgrade to more nutrient dense foods
  • Her favorite ways to create more conversation at the dinner table
  • The no-drama approach to get your kiddos eating more veggies

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