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Ep 99 – Shannon Lagasse – Emotional Eating + Taboo Topics

In this interview, Shannon Lagasse, emotional eating expert, exposes her affair with Topics of Taboo. Like herpes, dating bad boys, church, suicide, and eating disorders. And yes these are all part of her personal story line which she’s gladly chosen to make VERY public so she can help others. I love how Shannon has changed the story of “stuffing down emotions under the table” or with food and now (figuratively) stands on the table to share a much needed message with others internationally.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 99 – Shannon Lagasse – Emotional Eating + Taboo Topics

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to Shannon’s story on Suicide attempts + Emotional Eating Disorders
  • Find out what to do if you suspect someone you love has an eating disorder
  • Why she chooses to expose personal hurts publicly on the internet + in her book
  • Uncovering the underlying beliefs of emotional eating

Shannon’s Links:





Book: “Why Can’t You Just Eat?”

Links mentioned:

Recipe:  Chocolate Berry Hazelnut Smoothie

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