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Episode 39 – Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl – No Diet Dogma or “Bowls of Boring” Allowed

In this interview, Tess aka The Blender Girl shares how she blends a life of Healthy Eating Advocate & Performance. I love how much we have in common with our philosophy and approach to eating healthy foods… hint: it’s not dogmatic and includes lots of fun, variety, and taste! Whether you’re dabbling into healthy foods or looking to take your journey into health up a notch, I know you’ll find delightful resources to turn up the notch of to health, fun, and self love. For example, you’ll be dying to hear what things she can make with a blender to turn a “bowl of boring” into a meal you’ll scream for more of. Where not just talking about smoothies in this episode… oh no… Tess has opened up a whole new world to what can be done with your blender.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 39 – Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl – No Diet Dogma or “Bowls of Boring” Allowed

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Show Notes:

  • Blending as a metaphor for life … “what’s your perfect blend?”
  • Why she’s an intuitive, seasonal eater.
  • Why food should be a celebration, fun, &  easy… Plus how to make it so!
  • Discover her to story to becoming the successful “The Blender Girl”
  • Her theory on finding the “one right diet”
  • Listen as she shares what HUGE food she found the most challenging to give up!
  • How to find diversity to satisfy your hunger for different flavors & varieties
  • How she blends a life of performance and health advocate
  • Why you should give yourself permission to evolve and grow in the foods you eat
  • Blending beyond the smoothies but for making healthy fast meals
  • How to make a meal out of soup without adding a side of bread
  • The secret to making a delicious dairy free pesto
  • The trick to converting “A Bowl of Boring” into something so delicious you’ll want to scream
  • Her partner’s story of dealing with diabetes and thyroid cancer


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Tess’s Links:


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