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Ep 47 – Tracy Neely – Facial Surgery that led to Inward & Outward Beauty

Listen as, Tracy Neely, Holistic Nutritionist & Esthetician shares her jaw dropping story of a tumor that led her to remove a part of her face. In this interview she shares how she uses her gained confidence to help other women empower their beauty & health. And she’s a knock out if you ask me. I really got a kick out of how Tracy schools me (gently) with tips to dealing with picky eating teeneagers and feeding the husband. Her confidence radiates what I think all women should focus on when it comes to beauty that starts within.

Fresh Eats Radio – Ep 47 – Tracy Neely – Facial Surgery that led to Inward & Outward Beauty

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Show Notes:

  • Listen to her story of a routine dental check up led her to having her jaw removed.
  • How she has more confidence in her self today, than before her surgery.
  • Listen to how a very rare tumor led her to her life’s mission of helping other women
  • Tracy gives her perspective on Renee Zellweger’s new face
  • Discover her #1 tip for health & beauty… it’s super simple!
  • What her meditation practice looks like… including how to breathe (no it’s not a blonde joke)
  • Tips for better skin that don’t involve an expensive cream
  • She shares her advice for dealing with picky eaters, that only a nutritionist mom of a 7 year old could know
  • What NOT to do when trying to feed the hubs healthy foods… at least if you want to have a happy marriage


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Recipe: Fermented Red Cabbage



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